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Introduction to Confidence Intervals

A confidence interval is a range of valuesthat encloses a parameter with a given likelihood.So let’s say we’ve a sample of 200 people from a population of 100,000. Our sample data come up with a correlation of 0.41 and indicate thatthe 95% confidence interval for this correlationruns from 0.29 to 0.52.This means that the range of […]

ERM Extended Regression Model

What’s this about? We call them ERMs—extended regression models. There are four new commands that fit linear models linear models with interval-censored outcomes, including tobit models probit models ordered probit models with any combination of endogenous covariates sample selection nonrandom treatment assignment, both exogenous and endogenous Here are some of the features in discipline-specific terminology: […]


Research Thesis-Writing & Analysis

We provide services in research project management and analysis! We are a group of professionals with an interest in academic research project work or research proposal, thesis writing and editing, statistical analysis and international publication of research papers in Ghana and beyond. We render services in research thesis / dissertation writing, editing, research proposal, statistical […]


What is the importance of thesis writing for students

Academic writings are an essential part of any learning process. It allow professors to evaluate the level of understanding and involvement of every student into the certain subject. Preparing any academic paper is the perfect way to refresh subject’s knowledge and make sure that students are able operating with this data, conduct scientific researches and […]

Thesis Analysis

Latent class analysis (LCA)

What’s this about? We believe that there are groups in our population and that individuals in these groups behave differently. But we don’t have a variable that identifies the groups. The groups may be consumers with different buying preferences, adolescents with different patterns of behavior, or health status classifications. LCA lets us identify and understand […]

Regression Stata

Nonparametric regression?

What’s this about? Nonparametric regression, like linear regression, estimates mean outcomes for a given set of covariates. Unlike linear regression, nonparametric regression is agnostic about the functional form between the outcome and the covariates and is therefore not subject to misspecification error. In nonparametric regression, you do not specify the functional form. You specify the […]


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